Server Rules

Here are some of our basic, primary server rules.  These rules are subject to change now and again based on various factors that may change over time so if ever in doubt, check them out!  You can always ask us as well if you have any questions or concerns.
This server is PVE Only. PVP is not allowed unless part of a server designated event or location. If you do you will go to jail, and at admin discretion, can potentially be banned.
Certain areas around the map may be designated as a RESET ZONE.  This place gets reset often and anything you build/place/claim will vanish. DON'T BUILD HERE!  If you're not sure how to tell where the reset zone is, you can do this by checking the server map on the website under "World Map" and selecting the option in the top right check box for "region files"  this will show you the grid for all regions in the game.  Be sure you build OUTSIDE those lines if you find yourself near an area that’s marked as reset.
New Rule for A17: 

Keep tree farms to a MAXIMUM of 20 trees. If an excessive number of trees are found we will ask you to remove them. If they are not removed we will do it for you, which means removal of your claim block in order for us to be able to take it down trees. THIS MEANS YOUR STUFF IS NO LONGER PROTECTED. Save us all the hassle, frustration and potential loss and keep tree farms within reasonable limit. 


I know in previous alphas this was never a problem, however with the new restrictions and mechanics of A17 it just has to be this way.  Quests can now pretty much pick any POI and if players cannot access those they cannot fulfill the quest.  

Another issue with A17 is with the LCB limitation, and size of them now.  The overlap in the cities and towns has become more of a nuisance, blocking access to others.  The map size, while bigger than most other multi servers right now, is still VERY very small based on our history, at least 3 to 4 times smaller, and we are very limited on space and those resources.   

Any POI's that are found to have claims will have that claim removed.    

A note also regarding the raiding of bases.  Now that POI's are entirely off limits, there should be no reason or excuse to raid another players base.  Any player made structure should be treated as such.... a players base.  As this should be already a pretty well known rule on our PvE server in regards to base raiding, we will track and ban any base raiding that occurs.  It's really depressing and demoralizing to work hard to get stuff only to have it stolen by someone else.  I won't allow that to ruin someones experience.  


Pre A17 rules: NO claiming of major POI's.  This includes Shotgun Messiah, Working Stiff Tools, Pop'n Pills, Crack-A-Book, Shamway, Prisons, Missile Silos, certain Bunkers, Power/Water Plants, Hotels, or in map instances with additional POI’s from mods, any of the major loot buildings included within that.  You may claim prefab houses and things of that nature, but please do not place claims on POIs.  They will be broken and will not be replaced.  As new POI’s and mods are added to the game and server, if you are uncertain about a specific type of location, feel free to message any admin be it in game or online regarding the location.  Provide coordinates or screenshots if possible to help us see what you're referring to.
4) Land Claim Expiry - LCB's are now set to 30 day online and offline protection. This gives you four weeks to log in at least once for a few moments to protect your claim.  If you know you're going to be away for an extended absence,  let one of us know and we'll help keep you protected.  Once a claim expires it is then considered fair game for both the base and whatever loot/contents were within it.  If you have any questions or concerns on this policy please message one of our admins and we will be happy to help out and go over specifics with you.
5) No Griefing. – don’t be a dick. That’s not cool.
6) No Harassment.  We’re a pretty lenient laid back server when it comes to rules and such.  It’s not often this happens because we know you are all great, however there’s definitely a line and we really appreciate everyone not crossing it.  Don’t be jerks to each other.  If you have problems with another player, please don’t let it blow up into an all out shout fest.  Come tell one of us. We’ll help.
7) No Hacking - This should go without saying, however use of ANY hacks, including creative will get you in trouble and likely banned.  The bannarino hammer is not always merciful as we will do what is necessary to protect the integrity of the game play and best interests for all players.  All my admins have full authority and I will leave any bans that occur in my personal absence at their discretion.  I trust their judgment and experience so if they ban you for some reason, chances are I would have too.

8) No Base Raiding / Looting / Destruction / Trolling  - a little clarity on this. If a base has been abandoned and the claim has expired on it, it is okay to loot the claim as it’s assumed to be abandoned after a month of inactivity.  It’s preferable to not partake in senseless destruction of a property just because it’s abandoned as someone else may find it useful, or even return one day. But definitely no raiding or looting of occupied bases, even if you find the base accessible (open doors/holes in defenses) If the property dings when you punch it, leave it alone.
9) All Moderator/Administrator decisions are final and any disagreements with staff decisions are to be brought up with Rayne directly in a PM. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a temporary ban until the problem is resolved; this ban may be extended permanently depending on the outcome.

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