Bot Manual

Here's a list of helpful commands you might use frequently in game.

Base commands
  • /setbase - sets your home location
  • /setbase2 - sets a secondary home location
  • /delbase - tells bot to delete your base location
  • /delbase2 - tells bot to delete your secondary base location
  • /base - travel to home location
  • /base2 - travel to secondary home location

General teleporting
  • /return - will port you back to the last place you stood before teleporting away.
  • /locations - shows a list of publicly accessible locations
  • /spawn - ports you to the central spawn location if the current map has one set

  • /gimme - russian roulette of sorts, but with zombies!  Never know what you're gunna get.
  • /arena - teleports you to a designated area for a minigame of zombie horde waves.
  • /gimmehell - can only be used in /arena.  Starts the wave of hordes.

Waypoint commands
  • /set wp <name of waypoint> to set or re-set them.
  • /wp <name of waypoint>. Teleport to the named waypoint. eg. /wp wp1
  • /share wp <name of waypoint>. Allow your friends to tele to it with /wp <your name> <name of waypoint>
  • /close (or unshare) wp <name of waypoint>. Make it private again.
  • /clear wp <name of waypoint>. Deletes the waypoint.
  • /link <wp1> to <wp2> Convert two waypoints to a portal. In this mode nobody can tp to them, instead you step into them.
  • /unlink <wp1> (or <wp2>. Unlinking either end of a portal unlinks both. They revert to waypoints again.
  • /waypoints <optional name of friend>. List your waypoints or the shared ones of a friend.

  • /friends - shows you who your friends are
  • /friend <player name> - will add a player to your friends list
  • /unfriend - Remove a friend from your friends list.

  • /pay playername amount
  • /enabletp - allows you to use teleports
  • /alert <your message here> - sends a message with your coordinates to an admin, in game.
  • /gimme - russian roulette of sorts, but with zombies!  Never know what you're gunna get.
  • /info - Lists many game settings and server details.
  • /rules - Lists the server rules.
  • /seen <player name> - Wondering when someone last played? This command will tell you.
  • /suicide - Die. No ceremony, no funeral, no flowers.
  • /who - List any player within 200 meters of you. It is just a simple list of names.

Thanks to smegz0r (creator of botman) 


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