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Server Event on May 10th at 8pm EST.
open6L 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 9th May 2018
Greetings fellow survivors!    

The first community challenge event will be held May 10th at 8pm EST.  It will be hosted by Vaelyndor and for those of you who know him already have some idea of what madness lies ahead.  For those who do not, here is some small insight into what awaits you.  This challenge will test your abilities in navigation, process of elimination, and keeping a cool head.  Killing zombies out in the field is one thing, but crossing the finish line for this event will require a different set of skills.  The physical structure itself is divided into 5 distinct sections, passing from one to the next will help you gauge your overall progress.  This event is no walk in the park, and so in the spirit of success each participant who successfully completes the challenge will receive a gift from the participating admin/admins as well as +1 bragging rights.  However in the spirit of competition, the first person across the finish line will receive a more substantial award, with 2nd and 3rd place finishers receiving a smaller bonus gift as well.  

What you will need:  

Food & Water - This challenge is not for the faint of heart or stomach.  Depending on your level and skill point distribution, you may need to fuel up during the event or risk starvation or dehydration.  

Portable Light Source - This is a lengthy event, and although we will begin in the morning, you may find yourself attempting to finish as the sun sets and the moon rises.  

Coffee/Beer *optional* - Although this isn't technically a race, the winners circle does offer better rewards than a simple completion prize, so stamina enhancing products can help you pull ahead of the competition.  

Medical Supplies *optional* - There are no traps or zed within the event structure, but gravity is still a thing.  I personally recommend bringing a couple splints and first aid bandages or kits, just in case.    

The event grounds will be swept for zed prior to the event kick off, so weapons will not be required or needed.  Any questions, comments, or concerns can be posted down below.

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